Precious Metals Investing

How to invest in copper. Mass of copper

How to invest in copper in 2024. Best 6 investment options

Introduction Copper is the third most used metal in the world. It is believed to have been used for more than 10.000 years because of its highly malleable nature and high thermal and electrical conductivity. The metal copper is used in everything from construction to electronics. It is a crucial part of the economy and

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How to invest in platinum. Platinum bars with name fine platinum

How to invest in platinum in 2024. Top 6 investment options

Introduction Τhe question of how to invest in platinum requires a short description and analysis of this precious metal. Platinum is mostly mined in northern South Africa, with smaller quantities coming from Russia and Canada. The extraction process is difficult. Platinum is rarely found in isolation; rather, it is usually discovered together with other metals

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How to invest in silver.silver bars

How to invest in silver in 2024? Best 5 investment options

Introduction Historically silver is valued as a precious metal that has been treasured for thousands of years, used for jewelry, bars, or coins.  However, silver also has unique industrial uses, making it an attractive metal to invest in. For instance, silver is an ideal choice for electrical applications, because it is the best electrical and

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