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ETF fees

ETF fees in 2024. How do ETF fees work?

Introduction This is a complete guide on ETF fees for European Investors.  In this article we will compare the fees of two of the largest investment platforms providing ETFs to European investors, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) and Saxo Bank.  Specifically, we will focus on two types of ETFs: ETFs domiciled in the EU. ETFs domiciled in

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what are mutual funds

What are mutual funds? Best Mutual Funds for 2024.

In today’s world, mutual funds are getting extremely popular among all types of investors. As many researches showed amateur investors are more likely to invest in mutual funds rather than individual stocks. So, you might be wondering, “What are Mutual Funds and why people invest in them?“ Mutual funds are financial vehicles, which allow people

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How many mutual funds should I have

How many mutual funds should I have?

In mutual fund investors, shares in companies whose business involves buying shares or bonds from other companies. Although mutual fund investors do not directly own stock in the companies they purchase, they share equally in the profits and losses of all fund holdings. This is why mutual funds are called “mutual”. In this article, we

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Synthetic ETF

Synthetic ETF in 2021. Differences between traditional and swap ETF

Physical and Synthetic ETFs ETFs, also known as exchange traded funds (ETFs), are an efficient way to gain access to a wide range of investment exposures.  Traditional ETFs were investing directly in the assets-constituents of the benchmark they wanted to track.  These ETFs are called physical ETFs. In the last decade due to their increased

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How to invest in a hedge fund

How to invest in a hedge fund in 2024? Best investment strategies.

Introduction Hedge funds are well-known for taking on higher risk investments. They are popular with wealthy investors who are looking for greater returns and are willing take bigger bets. “If you know how to invest in a hedge fund it can be extremely valuable. Hedge funds offer investors access to return drivers not found elsewhere

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