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top 10 sustainable crypto of 2022

Top 10 sustainable crypto of 2024

How to identidy the most sustainable crypto? Each cryptocurrency has a different level of sustainability, but as a general rule, the more popular, decentralized, and secure the blockchain, the higher energy demands it may have. The underlying technology plays a significant role in sustainability as well. Which blockchain models exist? There are many blockchain models

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Where to buy NFT

Where to buy NFTs in 2024? Best 10 NFT marketplaces

In the age of Hype and Speculation, NFTs is the new king in town! Wall Street Jounal on Sunday reported that NFTs have nearly surpassed $2.5 billion in sales over the past six months. Surprisingly, NFTs total sales in 2020 were less than $14 mil. There are penthouses in Fifth Avenue that cost twice! Based

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How to short Bitcoin?

How to short Bitcoin in 2024? 6 most popular ways.

Short selling or shorting is a trading strategy which allows an investor to profit from a fall in the price of any financial asset (e.g. stocks, bonds, commodities etc.). Shorting was initially used as an “insurance” from financial downturns. Early in the 90s, Wall Street brokers put aside its hedging nature and started using shorting

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How to invest in NFT?

How to invest in NFT in 2024? 4 easy steps.

The Age of Hype and Speculation After many centuries historians might refer to this period as the Age of Hype and Speculation. Some financial assets connected with cryptocurrencies are experiencing an exponential rise in value. NFTs (also known as non-fungible tokens) are the most prominent one of them. Although it is extremely difficult to understand

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